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Relationship Advice: Who Wants It & Why?

Summary: Who Wants Relationship Advice & Why

relationship advice humorRelationship advice seems to be a fairly popular topic. People seem eager to both take and give it. There is relationship advice for men, relationship advice for women, dating advice and marriage advice.  Relationship advice that applies to one group, may not address the feelings and needs of another group. In addition, while many people are only too eager to offer relationship advice, they are not necessarily the best examples of their own advice (as the cartoon makes clear). How can we tell the difference between good and bad advice?

What Is Good Relationship Advice?

To answer that question, we need to examine whether or not the it meets the needs of of the person receiving the advice. Let’s take a look at some of the differences:

Dating Advice

dating adviceDating advice generally applies to singles and falls into several categories, depending on the desired outcome. Some possible needs might include:

  • Attracting a potential mate
  • Distinguishing a good potential match
  • Suggestions for a great date
  • Knowing when to get more serious
  • When to make a commitment
  • How to deepen communication
  • Knowing when to give up and move on

Marriage Advice

marriage advice Relationship adviceMarried people tend to need a different sort of advice. There are several categories for marriage advice:

  • How to find a good husband or wife
  • How to cope with the challenges of married life
  • How to improve one’s marital relationship
  • How to rescue a marriage on the rocks
  • How to manage until the children are grown
  • How to have an amicable divorce

Relationship Advice For Men

advice for menFirst, let’s agree that all human beings share certain universal concerns, and that by examining men’s needs in particular, we are not dismissing those concerns. That said, here are a few of men’s needs:

  • A desire for love, sex and friendship from a woman
  • A need to be appreciated for what they contribute
  • A need to know they are not being taken advantage of
  • A need to understand a woman
  • A need for solitary space
  • A need to resolve the need for excitement and the need for stability

Relationship Advice For Women

advice for womenOn the other hand, women have concerns that men don’t necessarily share. For example:

  • A need to feel safe
  • A need to feel desired
  • A need to feel special
  • A need for friendship
  • A need for truthfulness

Again, although these concerns may be shared by men as well, they are particularly important for women.